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Rewiring - The key to a successful rewiring project is to carefully evaluate the problem and determine the safest and most cost-effective solution. With our experience, more homeowners trust Future Electric Inc, for all types of rewiring needs. With our extensive knowledge, we can see inside walls and ceilings to make the necessary repairs with a minimum of patching and repainting

Protect your loved ones and get peace of mind knowing your home’s electric wiring is in perfect condition . . . call Future Electric inc, for a professional inspection. If your electrical need is more urgent . . . we’ll be there Quick As A Flash with our 24/7 Emergency Service.

OUTLETS - There’s nothing like the added convenience of having outlets and switches where you want them. Future Electric can make your life easier by installing outlets in any room in your home. We can even provide convenient outdoor outlets with GFCI protection. Call us today and put the extension cords away.

Electrical upgrades - Even though you’ve upgraded your lifestyle with the addition of all the newest power hungry electrical gadgets, you probably have not upgraded your home’s electrical system. Consequently, your home's electrical system may not be adequate to handle all of these conveniences.


We’ll thoroughly check your electrical system for problems and make sure it is safe and meets today’s standards. We’ll also check to make sure your current electric supply can handle your needs properly. When we do find problems, our technician will provide you with the best solution from adding new circuits and outlets to upgrading your electrical system, and will give you an up front price, so that you can choose what you would like to have done. Make sure you and your family are safe -- have your home’s electrical system inspected today.




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